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Our Company

“Try to be considerate of people’s needs, be absolutely honest, and always deal one on one.
Do more than you’ll say you’ll do. That’s the Daniel way.”

– Charlie Daniel
“Community” is in our company name for a very good reason. Focusing our time, our energy and our work on building and improving our community is the greatest purpose we could have.

Our company’s culture is rooted in community and is formed in the foundation of family. It starts in our corporate office with our own families who know each of us and we know each one of them. It permeates our teams who work within our communities, even when an individual team grows to over 500 staff members.

We are in the business of creating places that bring people together. To live, to work, to recreate. This focus has provided us the unparalleled reward of nurturing an extended family of residents, members and guests that span several thousand friends across nearly every state in the country. We are fortunate to be the catalyst that brings these families together as they establish their homes, share their family’s milestones, and form their own communities for generations. It is what inspires us.

And grounds us.

Honesty, Humility and Hard Work

These are the core values of our company.

“Be absolutely honest. Do more than you’ll say you’ll do.” Those were the words of our founder, Charlie Daniel. We are proud of our reputation, and our work, but we never lose sight that our success stands on the shoulders of those leaders who came before us and built the solid foundation of the Daniel name over the last 83 years. Every member of our team has their unique strengths, but we also know our limitations. We remain humble in knowing that others are wiser in certain areas than we are. And we constantly seek their advice and collaboration. It challenges us to grow and be better. In a world that has become ever more disposable, temporary and convenient, we believe there are no shortcuts and no substitute for hard work.

Our History

Daniel Communities is built on the legacy of success and the guiding principles of Daniel Construction Company, founded in 1934 by Charles Daniel in Greenville, South Carolina.







Daniel Communities and Daniel Corporation proudly share a heritage as a recognized leader in the real estate industry. Dedicated to progressive thinking and a solid work ethic, the company has perpetuated a rich heritage by developing transformative communities and vibrant workplaces, strengthening local economies, and creating peripheral investment opportunities.

Our development projects have been distinguished by new approaches to community living and working, and Daniel has often pioneered innovative development practices. That Daniel is responsible for so many unique developments is testament to the soundness of its operating principles and to its long-standing conviction that progress is not achieved by doing what has already been done, but by seeking a better way. This pursuit of uncompromising quality is how both Daniel Communities and Daniel Corporation will continue to conduct business, and the result is and will continue to be a portfolio of award-winning real estate.

Together, we have developed, acquired or managed more than:
Acres of Land for Master-Planned and Destination Resort Communities
Primary, Second-Home, and Senior Housing Units
Multi-Family and Urban Hi-Rise Apartments
Resort and Hotel Accommodations
Million Square Feet of Office and Retail Space
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