Our Work

In creating a community, what differentiates good from great is quite simply the inspiration and passion. The desire to push for something better. When your corporate culture is built around this principle, every step of the process creates the opportunity to create value.

Destination Communities

Crafting the resort lifestyle year-round.

Home is more than a place; it’s an idea. And we make sure that idea drives every one of our developments. There is often a transient quality to resort communities that leaves the visitor feeling that they are not completely at home. Our approach ensures that community is front and center.

Selected Work

Residential Communities

Building lasting relationships through community.

Our depth of experience comes to light in our master plan communities. This is where we execute our disciplined approach to planning – what we call the Daniel Blueprint – that blends landscapes with created environments, natural formations with architectural structures, work with leisure, private interests with the public good to create places where people don’t just live, but call home for generations to come.

Selected Work

Active Retirement Communities

Creating innovations in senior living.

Daniel Communities has been at the forefront of the senior living marketplace since we crafted our very first retirement community in Richmond in 1964. Guided by our resort-lifestyle development expertise, our third age communities promote longevity and fulfillment long after retirement occurs. Our expertise also allows us to play a wide range of roles in the process – from consultation to actual development of the property – that leads to engaged and inspired community settings.

Selected Work

Hospitality Advisory & Asset Management

Elevating your hospitality assets.

Hospitality is a signature element of many of our most successful projects. Our understanding of the unique characteristics of hospitality assets allows us to recognize and leverage value across the balance of the community holdings and provide dedicated value-add asset management services to our partners.

Selected Work

Municipal & Economic Development Advisory

Transforming local economies with proven development strategies.

Our municipal and economic development experience focuses on the health and growth of a municipality and community. This is often found in the foresight of proactive real estate strategies and accompanying economic development policies. Such strategy requires unique and specialized consultation that is a competency in which Daniel has dedicated resources and is a recognized strength.

Mixed-Use Urban Collaboration

Bringing new vibrancy to urban areas.

Some of the most prominent projects to bear the Daniel name are comprehensive mixed-use properties located in core urban areas. These projects may be all new construction or redevelopment of existing properties.  When the specializations of office development or hi-rise residential are required, collaboration with our sister company Daniel Corporation provides our partners with a seamlessly integrated team and an advantage other community development companies can’t offer.

Brokerage & Marketing Advisory

Building financial opportunity.

Daniel provides a complete suite of brokerage and management services – including property management, HOA management, brokerage, and marketing services on behalf of institutional ownership groups, as well as for our own portfolio of communities.

Strategic Consulting

Daniel Communities is positioned to add value to any or all phases of the community development process. Many of our most meaningful partnerships have come from one specific area of expertise such as strategic consultation in one area of the development process.

Our Projects: Strategic Consulting