What Sets Us Apart

We don’t play by the traditional playbook. We are in the business of value creation. And where we add the most value is in large, complex and multi-faceted properties that do not lend themselves to an off-the-shelf solution.

We craft comprehensive communities, each with a unique character and culture where value is created across a multitude of platforms and sustained over years even decades. Our partners know us best for broad expertise that sets us apart.

Our Comfort with Complicated Deals

We are at home with large, complex real estate holdings for it is in the messiest deals that the greatest opportunity for value creation resides. Such properties are often beyond the scope of traditional real estate companies. It is where we feel we differentiate ourselves best. Our expertise extends beyond the drafting board to include analytics, tax, economic development, entitlement and finance.

Our Understanding of Complex Regulatory Environments

Our approach is grounded in patience and engagement of the community – partnering with community leaders, environmental advocates, local elected officials and regulators to develop creative solutions to complex land planning initiatives. This intensive approach has resulted in a track record of securing entitlements that provide for an alignment of interests and long-term development flexibility. This reputation is important given the dynamic nature of the political and regulatory environment.

Our Reputation for Inspired Place Making

We have earned a national reputation for envisioning and creating award-winning communities that balance innovative planning with the goals of the local community, market feasibility and financial return. We work together with our partners to carefully craft the ideal team of professionals to maximize the opportunities and mitigate the constraints unique to each property. Smart and efficient management of this collaborative process is key to successful and sustainable community development.

Our Passion for How Places Live

We are insatiable learners. And engaged listeners. Curious observers. And lifestyle artists. When we set about envisioning a community, we ask,

How will it live? How does it inspire those who live there? Does it reward those who work there every day? How will it energize and enrich lives? How will it respect and enhance the surrounding community? Will it mature gracefully and become more desirable with time?”

We ask these questions so that we may provide unique and inspired answers.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Value

Our role does not end with the delivery of the development. We are in for the life of the community. Our team is constructed to promote consistent growth in every facet – from design and development to sales and long-term management. This continuity aligns all stakeholders leading to sustainable, long-term value.

Our Capacity for Seamlessly Scale

Our expertise is in comprehensive master-planned real estate. However, at times a development strategy offers the opportunity to introduce commercial components such as an office or apartment complex to enhance and catalyze the project. It is here that Daniel Communities is in a truly unique position. The commercial expertise and resources of our sister company Daniel Corporation to provide a seamless integration for special, one-of-a-kind offerings.

From Concept

Feasibility Analysis

Land Acquisition

Due Dilligence

Capitalization Strategy

Project Vision & Planning

Business Plan & Pro Forma Modeling

Entitlement & Regulatory Permitting

Municipal & Economic Development Advisory

Design & Engineering Coordination

Development Management

Lifestyle Programming & Implementation

Financial Reporting & Compliance

Brand & Marketing

Sales Strategy & Brokerage Operation

Hospitality Asset Management

Club & Golf Operations

Legacy & Association Management

Asset Management & Disposition

To Completion

As no two properties are alike, we draw upon a carefully constructed skill set to create and implement innovative strategies tailored to the specific needs and the best interests of our partners. We are positioned to add value to any or all phases of the development process from initial concept to final build-out and legacy management.

From sustainable master plans to luxury destination resorts in innovative third-age retreats to comprehensive mixed-use economic catalysts, we help our partners see opportunity beyond the norm.

All this because we don’t play by the traditional playbook.